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Panos Gavrilis

Panos Gavrilis – Partner

Panos is our partner for Tax & Customs, Public Administrative, Regulatory and (white collar) Criminal practices. Panos has a deep knowledge and understanding of administrative proceedings and manages to remain stoic, focused and up to date  despite the ever changing and often controversial tax regulations. He is an excellent litigator in this field and has successfully defended very significant tax and customs cases, as well as disputes of administrative and regulatory nature.


What makes Panos stand out in these highly specialized and technical areas, is that he combines the formality of administrative practice with a deep knowledge, understanding of commercial, corporate and contract law, which also makes him an invaluable member of our arbitration and litigation teams.











Born in Athens, Greece in 1971, holds a Law Degree from the Law School of the National & Capodistrian University of Athens and a D.E.A. from Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. Admitted to practice in 1996, admitted to the Supreme Courts of Greece. Languages: Greek, English and French.