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Dr. Alkiviades C. Psarras

Dr. Alkiviades C. Psarras – Senior Partner

Alkis fields of interest include Banking & Finance, Company & M&A, Commercial, Competition; Intellectual Property and TMT.
Alkis possesses concrete knowledge and experience and combines an excellent ability in advising clients, assisting in their business planning, negotiating all with valuable background and experience as a litigator. Alkis is a listed arbitrator of the Athens Chamber of Commerce.


Alkis has participated in various legislative committees including the Committee for the Amendment of the Law for the Greek Joint Stock Company (the Societe Anonyme), that led to the amendment of C.L. 2190/1920, the Electronic Communications Law (Law 3431/2006), the amendment of the Copyright law (Law 2121/1993) and the Consumer Protection law (Law 2251/1994). He headed the team for the amendment of the Competition Law 703/77 in 2005 and participated in the amendments introduced 2009. He has worked with successive Greek Governments during the Greek financial crisis in an effort to introduce a (yet to be applied) totally new and innovative framework for deregulating and simplifying the business licensing process in Greece.


Alkis served as member of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications regulator (EETT, from 2005-2006 and head of the legal Department of EETT from 2000-2004), member of the Board of Directors of the Copyright Organization (OPI) from 2005 until 2008 and of the Industrial Property Organization (OVI) from2009-2011. He lectures “Telecommunications Regulation and Administration” in an interdisciplinary postgraduate course of the Faculty of Telecommunication and Information Technology and the Faculty of Economics at the National & Capodistrian University of Athens and has contributed significant authorships, in issues of intellectual property and competition law.

Born Athens, Greece, 1964; Was admitted to practice in 1989 and is admitted at the Supreme Courts of Greece. Graduate of National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Law School (1986); University of Kent, Canterbury, UK (LL.M, 1988; Ph.D., 1994); working languages: Greek and English.

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