Cocalis & Psarras | Aviation
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In our 25year aviation practice, we have represented airlines, spares and technical services providers; we have established a new airline from scratch and have been involved in airline M&A projects and investment in airports.  In short, we have dealt with most legal issues relating to aviation and the day-to-day operations of an airline as well as the business environment surrounding it.


Our Contracts, Commercial, Regulatory and M&A experience allow us to understand and quickly address, the diverse and particular legal issues relating to aviation, including administrative, tax and customs peculiarities.

  • Airlines Establishment Licensing and Operation
  • Airline Crews and ground personnel
  • Aircraft dry & wet leasing
  • Aircraft Technical Services
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Airports regulatory, operation & management
  • Civil Aviation Regulatory, Air Transport Agreements.
  • Ground Handling
  • M&A
  • Tax
  • Ticketing